Village Creek State Park, Oct. 2012

Just the good ole boys....

Just the good ole boys….

Last month, I decided to arrange an impromptu father, son, and dog getaway during Joe’s fall break from school.  I packed the Explorer up on Saturday night and surprised Joe with the news of the trip about 30 minutes before we left on Sunday.  Thankfully, Joe enjoyed our first camping expedition earlier in the year, so he was excited to go on another adventure.  With a few last minute preparations, we were ready to head out.  As we were leaving, Michelle asked “Did you remember the anti-bacterial?”.  Ummmmm, no?!?! 

 For this trip, we travelled about 75 miles to Village Creek State Park near Forrest City, Arkansas.  The park was small, but nice, and had but a few campers, due to our Sunday arrival.  Village Creek has about 25 miles of multi-use trails and a large portion of the park is dedicated to horse riding.  It is a pretty little place to visit, and is situated on a unique Arkansas geologic feature named Crowleys Ridge

When we arrived at the park, we made the obligatory stop at the visitor center to check in and look at all the guides and goodies.  We also watched a program about the animals of Village Creek, given by one of the park interpreters.  After checking in, we started setting up camp site #34.  Our elevated campsite was really nice, the tent pad was set back in the woods from the rest of the camp.   This gave a feeling of being a bit more secluded from the other campsites around us.  After eating dinner and exploring a bit, we built a nice fire and then hit the sleeping bags. [Read more...]