Back in the day….

This is the first of a three part series.  Check out “Back in the day…”  part II here…

Us at Petit JeanWay back in the early to mid-1980′s, my sisters and I were indoctrinated to hiking and camping by our dad, during our summer and winter stays with him.   My parents were divorced in the late 70′s, and we kids spent alot of time during school breaks commuting on the highways and byways between home (Tennessee) and home away from home (Texas).  I was a backseat passenger on more boring rides through Texarkana than I could even venture to recall.  But those rides also brought a lot of special memories for my sisters and I.

Along the stretch of road that connects Memphis and Houston, the places I remember most are the Hamburger Store in Jefferson, Texas, the Christmas Lights in Marshall, Texas, and Petit Jean State Park in Morrilton, Arkansas. [Read more...]